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Get your business onboarded without any frill, high risk merchant account gets simple with PayQ

Partner with PayQ, with lowest rate at 2.9% and Zero Set up fee.

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Are you looking for a payment gateway for MLM Marketing?

Multi level marketing (MLM) business can be very difficult to underwrite even by the high-risk processors and the risk assessment team for the obvious reason of exercise chargebacks.

MLM Credit Card processing is considered High risk by the acquirer. An MLM merchant account lets you accept payments from distributors and customers worldwide.

But how can you assure that your online sales will not be hampered if the gateway providing company closes the account for excessive chargeback. Chargeback free payment gateway is a classical myth just like Unicorn exists.

However, PayQ can make this possible.

PayQ has been partnering businesses worldwide for the MLM industry and have successfully transformed many MLM merchants to accept multi currency payments from any part of the world.

We diversify the MLM merchant account processing, through our extensive network of banking partners and international processes, that helps to eliminate chargebacks and reduce the risk.


How PayQ makes MLM Merchant account simple like any other ecommerce business?

We boost your business by making you equipped to accept all major card brands worldwide.
We also offer you high volume MLM merchant accounts.
We help MLM merchants to operate both in the US and world-wide. This will power you to accept payments in the local currency as well as multi currency.
Lower Rates: We can assure you that our rates are the lowest if you compare us with any highest industry.
Fastest approval: We can make your account live in just 2 days.
Virtual Terminal : Virtual terminal Access for fast processing over mail and phone (MOTO)
Chargeback Protection: We can stop chargeback before they actually arrive so we have multiple filters enabled on your account which will help you to minimize the potential charge backs.
Enhance Technology: Our payment gateway is seamless and robust to process transactions in fraction of second and is compatible with major Shopping Carts CRM and Accounting systems. With PayQ, you don’t have to look out for any other options; you will find everything in one place. We are a one-stop shop for all your online payment processing needs.

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 International House, 12 Constance Street,
London E16 2DQ, United Kingdom.

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At PayQ, there is no such thing as good enough, it just has to be the best!

With PayQ, it’s always about pushing your limits. You don't come to PayQ unless you're really good at what you do. The reason you're here; the reason you were hired is because you're at the top of your field or you have the potential to grow in the payment industry.

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We understand winning is more important than individuality!

We understand winning is more important than individuality We work as a team with our valued merchants. Most importantly, we don’t hide behind email. Our award wining customer support team would love to say hello and will always help you. Apply now and go live instantly.

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